The World's Largest Shark Jaw - Update

The world's largest sharks jaw was on exhibt this spring in Tuscon at the Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show. This is the first time the jaw has been on display since Vito Bertucci's tragic death in 2004, it was on display with some of the biggest fosils and gems in Tuscon. It stood very proudly with a 28 foot-long edmontosaurus dinosaur skeleton, two woolly mammoth skeletons, a wooly rhino skelton, an 11 foot-long ichthyosaurus marine reptile, a 7000-pound Russian meteorite, mineral sculptures, and palm frond murals.

Future plans for the jaw may include photo displays for the up coming book Meg: Hell's Aquarium by New York Times Best Selling Author Steve Alten - release date May 2009.

Vito Bertucci's largest shark jaw
Vito Bertucci

The Bertucci family, Joseph & Carolann would like to thank everyone for their condolances and stories about their brother Vito. This shark jaw was his pride and joy and we display it with the same pride that he did and to be Known as The Worlds Largest Shark Jaw.

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Thank You All,
Joseph Bertucci

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